What is your health worth to you?

By Daniel Soule

Are you valuable enough to invest in your health? Heart disease alone costs Americans over $108 billion per year, and affects around 26 million patients. That’s an average of about $4000 per year. If you have a heart attack or stroke, your out of pocket expenses will likely be over $25,000 (after insurance). Living with diabetes can cost you around $8000 per year. Cancer can run to about $2000 per day, easily running into millions depending on the length and intensity of care required. Add to that the $1000 or so it costs you for minor ailments each year. Most of these disease are lifestyle related and totally preventable.

You’d be surprised how often we see patients who after seeing their lab results and then provided a treatment plan that reduces their disease risk ignore the recommendations because they have to “think about it” or that they "don't believe in taking or spending money on supplements" or "don't like taking pills" or "don't have time to exercise or make healthier food choices"

They often blame their finances or their busy lives, but it is rarely either.

We know this to be true because these are often the same people who spend time and money shopping for plasma televisions, pricey handbags, getting monthly manicures and Botox or who spend a thousand dollars or more over the course of a year at Starbucks and/or eating out two or three times a week, not to mention the nightly bottle of wine habit they enjoy with their spouse. 

There is nothing inherently wrong with these things but ask some of these same people to invest $3 per day in a nutraceutical that can help prevent and even reverse an active disease process and it suddenly becomes "too expensive".

When it comes to your health consider it the number one investment in your future; because it is. The time and money you invest today is likely to not only save you thousands of dollars in disease management it's an investment in the quality of life you'll have in your golden years. Isn't that a wise investment?

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