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I literally cannot say enough about Dr Retzler and her entire staff. From start to finish (and even beyond the end of our doctor/patient relationship), she has been welcoming, knowledgable, accessible, professional and kind. Every bit of medical information I shared with her was met with openness and patience, with not a hint of judgement. Once she spent a full hour just explaining hormones, brain chemistry and blood work with me. I always felt that she was fully invested in my health and wellbeing.

HormoneSynergy is a fantastic medical office that I would still be using if I hadn't moved away. I would recommend them highly to anyone.*

– Trystan R.,  Los Angeles, California

Dr Retzler changed my life! I was in my 40s on anti anxiety medication, high blood pressure and cholesterol medication. All I really needed was a dr that cared about the causes not  just treating the symptoms. I thank God often I answered the ad for the hormone seminar!  My hormones and thyroid were so messed up it was causing all the other problems. Fast forward 10 years I am on no medications other than the bio - identical hormones and I have more energy than I did 20 years ago! I have moved to to Utah but still travel to Portland for Dr Retzler.*

– Gretchen Mortensen, St. George, Utah

This is a fantastic medical practice! Dr. Retzler really goes the extra mile for her patients--examining diet, lifestyle, lab results, and physical findings to make an accurate diagnosis. Without her, I would have never gotten an accurate diagnosis. When my diagnosis was outside of her area of expertise, she made the appropriate referral to the local experts at OHSU. However, I chose to return to her for care because the treatment given to me at OHSU was worse than the condition itself. Dr. Retzler instead helped me with herbal and nutriceutical products that have worked well to manage my condition without the side effects that the drugs OHSU pushed on me had. Dr. Retzler has always been there when I need her, squeezing me into her busy schedule when something unexpected comes up and making sure that I am taken care of. The staff is friendly, and the products they sell are the highest quality ones out there. Dr. Retzler is dedicated to her practice and is continually researching and learning how to best serve those she helps.*

– Melissa Bosserman, Happy Valley, Oregon

After my first visit with Dr Retzler and receiving my initial blood test, the results were horrible. I weighed 248 lbs at 6'3". Three years later I weigh 213 lbs and have dramatically improved my overall health. I take the supplements offered and have seen the results in my blood tests.  The education I have received about what affects my body has been as valuable as anything else. You don't always get everything you need from what you eat. Dr Retzler has put me on track for healthier and active life, as well as my wife and few of my friends. My Thanks to Dr Retzler and her staff.*

– Mark Sutherland, Oregon

Sometime in your life I hope someone cares enough about you; to refer you to a health care professional they trust and believe can provide you with the healing you seek.

Previously I had been insured with Kaiser, and that exposed me to a number of opinions by providers; so suffice it to say I had been treated for all kind of symptoms,  without ever having a legitimate diagnosis. Prescriptions piled up in my medicine cabinet, not to mention how the medicine effected my appetite, weight, sleep, concentration, mood and  energy. All of which had worked together to impede my ability to perform at the optimal level my job requires.

I had serious thoughts and at one point contemplated quitting my job and seeking a position where the demand was less stressful...until Dr. Kathryn Retzler was recommended to me by my Chiropractor, who is also gifted at what she does. I was excited at the prospect of figuring out my recent health concerns as well as reluctant based on past experiences.  From the moment I met Dr. Kathryn Retzler of Hormone Synergy I knew I had someone who understood my health concerns.

Dr. Retzler has rescued me from my numerous single-symptom treatments and partnered with me using her arsenal of tools such as but not limited to treatment, education and nutrition.  Daniel Soule is also part of the toolkit she used, as he is a gifted Life Coach that helped my cope with and reduce my stress to the point where I have a plan and am supported in performing the plan.

Dr. Retzler is a patient's doctor. I work in healthcare, and I know insurance policies create unrealistic expectations for doctors who bill and slow-paying insurance companies. When you remove roadblocks from medicine it allows physicians and healthcare professionals the ability to perform healing and taking care of patient needs.

I am on my way to living optimally and I attribute it all to Dr. Kathryn Retzler & to Daniel who are caring, talented professionals who are blessed to be able to do what they LOVE for a living.

The selfish side of me would not want to share them, but I have shared them with friends in need of a lifesaver!

Dr.Retzler is awesome!*

– Denice Braxton, Portland, Oregon

Since I became a patient of Dr. Retzler, my health has improved tremendously, and so has the health of my friends whom I sent to see her.  She and Daniel are dedicated to not just good health in general but quality of life as well. I highly recommend their services.*

– John Knowles, HIllsboro, Oregon

I was referred to Dr. Retzler in 2010 by a friend of mine who is a cancer survivor.  Dr. Retler had greatly helped my friend.  I had three surgeries in a three year period and my body was completely "out of wack."  I will admit, Dr Retzler made many suggestions to me that I did not follow through on initially.  Over the years however, she has always welcomed me into her office regardless of my health status.  I find her extremely compassionate, honest and trustworthy.  She is the first Natural-path doctor who has a deep respect for western as well as eastern medicines, and is happy to refer you to someone she trusts if you have issues beyond her scope.

Currently I have joined a group with Dr. Retzler.  I have done the math, and can truly say that it does not seem there is much of a business profit for Dr. Retzler in running a 6-week detox group, which she puts numerous hours into and provides supplements and supplies for.  I think this is a testament to the fact that she CARES more about her patients than her business.

I would gladly refer Dr. Retzler and the staff at Hormone Synergy to anyone who has concerns about their heath or simpy wants to live better.*

– Michelle Koury, Portland, OR

Dr. Retzler is passionate about her work.. She has tremendous compassion for her patients. she listens intently and positively supports you where you are at.

I suffered four years of misdiagnosed symptoms by other specialist. When I found Dr. Retzler she inquired about my symptoms and requested a blood draw. Her diagnosis was that I had Low T and she was very thorough in her explanation of how this was impacting me. She made several recommendations and within a week, after accepting one of her recommendations and her administering it,  I was feeling strong, healthy, and happy.

I have been with her for five years. I have always been impressed by her openness, honesty, and compassionate communication style. She is brilliant and is always researching new methods and medications to provide us alternatives to heal our conditions. Her office staff is courteous, friendly, and professional. They always meet you with a smile and help you feel comfortable and welcome. She has researched and composed supplement packages with the highest quality products to best help your health. she recommends these supplements but I have never felt pressured into purchasing any product nor has she pushed any product on me every visit. Overall I would strongly and passionately recommend Dr. Retzler. She is truly amazing, brilliant, and just plain awesome!*

– Robert Rios, Hillsboro, Oregon

For years I have sought a physician who is astutely knowledgeable about hormones, practices holistically and, has the wisdom and confidence to treat me as a partner in my own healthcare. Dr. Retzler is inquisitive about how the fuller picture of my life impacts my well being, encourages my ideas and intuitions about my own health and integrates this information with the depth and breadth of her medical knowledge. Smart. Very smart. So, I got my wish. My persistence was rewarded. Dr. Retzler is a healer in the true sense of the word. Plus, she loves dark chocolate. Gotta go with that!*

Karen Beal, PhD, Portland, Oregon

I've been to several other hormone specialists and Dr. Retzler was the only one who actually took the time to listen and dig deeper. I got my labs drawn in her office on the same day and had a detailed print out within days and a follow up appointment to go over the results. She helped to explain the results in a way that I could understand and made sense provided how I was feeling. We worked on lifestyle therapy, detox and specific nutrition support for hormone balance. I'm feeling so much better. Definitely one of Portland's premier optimal health clinics.*

– Mike Mutzel, Seattle, Washington

Dr. Retzler. I wanted to report on my progress. This whole thing is extraordinary. As one of over 250,000 Post Polio Syndrome patients, I can’t even begin to imagine what it could mean to tens of thousands of people like me out there who have given up!

  • Complete muscle mass regeneration in every part of my body that has a muscle. Legs, hips (by just normal walking), hands, arms, chest, and stomach, actually beginning to look like I did as a younger man when I was bodybuilding. Balance is 100% changed, I normally cannot (could not) even step off of a curb due to the weakness in my good leg. Now I just do it! I am walking straight up instead of hunched over for fear of falling. I feel “solid”. I have avoided hugging people because in knocks me off balance, I now hold them up. Everyone I know is asking what has happened.

  • Zero and I mean “0” fatigue. After a light to moderate workout, before the pellets, it would only take two to three hours before I would lose control of my legs. They simply would not respond to my mind telling them to take a step. Now I feel much stronger after my workouts and my recovery time has decreased.

  • Joint pain, other than the left knee, is gone. My right ankle is a bit sore in the mornings and takes a step or two to warm it up. Of course that is because I am walking around now. I am drinking water during the day because I don’t mind getting up to go to the bathroom.

  • Have lost weight but most importantly inches off my waist, muscle mass is obviously increasing so weight loss is not substantial yet. I am now sleeping 6 to 7 hours without medication.

  • Did not realize when we had our first interview that I actually must have been depressed because my enthusiasm is off the charts and have a wonderful outlook on the future and don’t have to fake my optimism!

  • Mind is clearing, did not realize how clouded I was, until I wasn’t anymore.*

– David Halseth, 59,West Linn, Oregon

“I had suffered with menopausal symptoms and fibromyalgia for several years. I had been to several specialists, including a pain clinic. I was on a myriad of pain, anxiety, and depression medications. I was exhausted and would sleep for days at a time. I no longer recognized the person looking back at me in the mirror. I was searching for a natural alternative to alleviate all my symptoms when I found Dr. Retzler. I called her office and she took the time to speak with me personally. Upon starting hormone replacement therapy and a regimen of vitamins, mininerals, etc. that were needed for my body, I noticed immediate results. She was very thorough and she listened to me. That, I believe, has been the secret to her success, she listens then finds out why. Within weeks I was looking and feeling significantly better. My pain issues, my energy levels, my mood swings all improved dramatically and continue to improve 18 months later. Dr Retzler saved my life!”*

“Thank you, Dr. Retzler for listening and being open to any and all suggestions. You are a miracle worker.”

– Thanna Dunaway, 55, Milwaukie, Oregon

“Following my partial hysterectomy in 2003, I spent several years suffering with depresssion, melancholy mood swings, anxiety and extreme lack of mental clarity. Some days I felt suicidal because I could not grasp what had happened to my life, and had no idea how to regain the energetic life loving person I had previously perceived myself to be. Antidepressents were not relieving my symptoms, and in hindsight I believe they might have contributed to the mood swings I was experiencing. A girlfriend of mine was using what she called hormone pellet therapy so I immediately started researching a doctor in my area that might be able to help me using bioidentical hormone pellets. Once I located Dr. Retzler, and shared my experience with her, she educated me about the possible physiological processes that were likely taking place within my body and helped me understand options for treatment. Following my pellet implants and appropriate dosage of thyroid medication, I felt like I was getting my life back. Within three weeks I felt like a new person and the improvements in my health have continued . Since beginning the pellet implants over a year and a half ago, my symptoms have been releived. In adiditon, I have a libido again and my skin is healthier. My experience with Dr. Retzler has been entirely positive. Two of my closest friends have now seen Dr. Retzler and they too are feeling wonderful!”*

– Sara Raile, Las Vegas, NV

“For seven years I set goals to get fit and lose weight only to gain weight and lose endurance. Ironically, the year I gave up on fitness is the year I met Dr. Retzler and began hormone replacement. Two weeks after my first treatment I was working out six days a week. After six months I had lost 20 pounds and turned my fitness clock back 20 years. What I assumed was laziness turned out to be hormones! Now I’m fit, healthier and did not experience my typical winter depression. It’s great to work with Dr. Retzler who is knowledgeable and loves her work.”*

– Bob Eggleston, Portland OR

“Shortly after my 42nd birthday, I began to notice some disturbing changes in how I felt and looked. I was sleeping terribly, my hair and skin were drier, and I was getting noticably fatter despite dieting and daily exercise. I experienced frequent hot flashes, felt exhausted much of the time, had trouble focusing and was generally depressed. In short, I looked and felt older than 42. While in the throes of a hot flash, a co-worker suggested I check out a seminar that Dr. Retzler was giving in a couple of weeks. After the seminar, I was tested and found to have a fatigued metabolism and abysmally low levels of testosterone. Once I received a testosterone pellet and began a regime of supplements prescribed by Dr. Retzler, I started to feel better, sleep sounder and more easily focus mentally. At the same time, I began exercising more and adhering to a simpler diet. The result: I lost 15 pounds. I am impressed with how Dr. Retzler seems passionately invested in my well-being. She is interested in far more than just treating my hormone issues; she truly seeks to all my issues. She has help from husband and fellow clinician, hynotherapist Daniel Soule, who is helping me address the tough lifelong mental obstacles that have kept me from reaching my full potential. I am admittedly not at my full potential yet. But as I journey toward physical, mental and spiritual wellness, I am gratified to have Dr. Retzler and Daniel Soule as resources.”*

– Suzanne Eggleston, Portland OR

“After 5 years of working with my family physician, being told that all tests were within “normal limits” and my only two choices for coping with menopausal symptoms were anti-depressants and birth control pills, Dr. Retzler is my miracle worker. To put it simply: She listened. She combined lab report data with my stated symptoms and offered real answers. I went home knowing I was not crazy and within a week my life began to turn around. I am a newer, better version of myself thanks to Dr. Retzler’s sophisticated hormone knowledge and easy to follow protocols. I’ve made it my personal mission to teach everyone I know the power of hormones and send them to Laurelhurst Integrative Health for the latest strategies in optimal living!”*

– Michelle Rios, age 43, Guam

“Both in our “60’s”, our energy levels are higher, workouts are more fruitful, and our overall health and well being is excellent!”*

– Dick and Gail Dorris, Atlanta, GA

“After a complete hysterectomy 2 years ago, I developed insomnia, hot flashes and several other symptoms. One month after working with Dr. Retzler and starting bioidentical hormones, I feel like a happier person. My hot flashes are very rare now, and I finally sleep soundly.”*

– N.F., age 46

“I’ve been Dr. Retzler’s patient for several years, and I consider myself very fortunate to have found her. With her guidance and bioidentical hormone treatment, I’ve eased through menopause enjoying vibrant health and well-being. I feel wonderful!”*

– Judith Bernards, McMinnville, OR

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person