The Ultimate Valentines Day Gift

How much do you love your partner, your kids, yourself?

By Dr. Kathryn Retzler


While running on the treadmill today, feeling my heart beat, I thought about what an act of self-love it is to exercise. Last Wednesday was my birthday. Though I don't know how many more years I'll live, I know that keeping my body fit will enable me to enjoy the blessings I encounter. I also know that the ultimate Valentine's Day present I can give Daniel, or that anyone can give their spouse or children, is not a box of chocolates, jewelry, or expensive gadgets. The most valuable gift I can give the people I love is freedom. This includes the freedom to not have to take care of me some day, due to my not taking care of myself today. If you find prioritizing your self--your exercise, healthy diet, or stress reduction needs--difficult, think about achieving and maintaining ideal health as an act of love for others. If you love your kids and partner, take care of your health--otherwise they will end up taking care of you.

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