Longevity Medicine

What We Do

HormoneSynergy® Clinic is a private membership (concierge), age management and functional medicine practice (also known as "anti-aging medicine"). We focus on the underlying causes of aging and disease, integrating evidence-based therapies and recommendations based on physiology (how the body works). Treatment is individualized and comprehensive. Your treatment plan may include bioidentical hormone replacement, testosterone therapy,  medications, nutraceuticals (pharmaceutical quality supplements), and diet and lifestyle modifications.

We do not offer miracle cures and we have no magic wands or silver bullets.  We provide affordable comprehensive age management medicine. We work best with individuals and couples who are committed to preventing, slowing or reversing the diseases most commonly associated with aging, and who share our goal of achieving vibrant health and longevity.

Please read the following section on Becoming A Patient as well as our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to read answers to our patients most commonly asked questions.

Becoming a Patient

All new patients start with the HormoneSynergy® Optimal Aging Assessment. This includes a thorough hormone evaluation, advanced cardiovascular screening, specific genetic tests, neurocognitive (brain function) assessment, body composition analysis, and your first 120 minute appointment including a personalized treatment plan and prescriptions. All follow-up consultations will be provided on a fee for service basis according to our fee schedule. Most patients who see Dr. Retzler experience excellent results in as few as one to three months versus several visits or more with other doctors.

Once you've reached your health goals, Dr. Retzler will monitor you by performing regular lab work, brain function, and and Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) testing. HormoneSynergy® covers the cost of neurocognitive and BIA testing for all concierge patients.

The Optimal Aging Assessment Includes:

  • Comprehensive lab work - including advanced cardiovascular and inflammatory biomarkers of disease, and a complete hormone evaluation (complete list of lab work)
  • Genetic testing - (Apo E genotype, MTHFR genotypes, factor V Leiden, prothrombin mutation)
  • Nutrient testing - Vitamin D, B12, CoQ10, and essential fatty acid profile and optional comprehensive micronutrient and antioxidant testing
  • Computerized, validated neurocognitive testing - written interpretation with treatment suggestions provided at your initial appointment
  • Brain system checklist questionnaire (developed by Daniel Amen, MD) - to help identify mood disorders and neurotransmitter imbalances
  • Seca mBCA 515 Body Composition testing - to measure fat and muscle percentage and basal metabolic rate (calories burned at rest)
  • HeartMath® Heart Rate Variability Assessment - to test your heart rate variability which reflects coherence or the synchronization between the heart, nervous, endocrine, and immune systems
  • Optimal aging questionnaire - a thorough lifestyle evaluation with written recommendations
  • 90 to 120-minute visit - with Dr. Retzler to review all test results, bioidentical hormone replacement options, and develop your personalized treatment plan
  • 30 to 60-minute visit - with Health and Longevity Coach, Daniel Soule

During your initial appointment, Dr. Retzler will review your health history, current symptoms, family history, risk factors, and health goals. She'll discuss your diet, lifestyle, and exercise habits before performing any needed exam and reviewing your lab, BIA, and neurocognitive test results. You will receive a thorough understanding of how hormone imbalances may be affecting your health and causing symptoms.

Together, you and Dr. Retzler will determine your treatment plan during this visit. Changes in diet or lifestyle, nutraceutical or medication prescriptions, or bioidentical hormones may be part of your plan. If you are committed to meeting your health and age management goals, detoxification, health, and education programs may also be recommended. If you prefer subcutaneous hormone pellets, your pellet(s) will be implanted during this visit.

Concierge Medicine and Membership

Concierge medicine is a patient-focused relationship between a doctor and his or her patient where the patient pays an affordable fee for improved access and high-quality, individualized medical care. With concierge care, the focus is shifted away from a disease maintenance, symptom management approach toward a preventive, holistic one.

HormoneSynergy® Concierge Membership Benefits

If you'd like to implement your treatment recommendations from your initial visit with Dr. Retzler, your bioidentical hormones, nutraceuticals, and prescription medications will need to be monitored, adjusted, and refilled. In order to receive any prescriptions or nutraceutical credits, you must be a concierge member.

As a concierge member, Dr. Retzler’s staff will assist you in obtaining all prescribed hormones and medications, as well as manage your refill authorizations. They will coordinate follow-up lab work, blood draws, office visits, email communication and recommended nutraceutical purchases. 

Concierge membership benefits also include:

  • Private communication privileges with Dr. Retzler
  • Access to your medical records, lab results, interpretations, and treatment plan
  • Complimentary yearly neurocognitive testing
  • Complimentary yearly body composition testing
  • Two complimentary 60-minute health coaching sessions
  • A $100 per month credit toward nutraceutical (supplement) purchases, IV therapy, or in-office coaching and wellness programs
  • 10% discount on all nutraceutical purchases over $150
  • 20% discount on all additional Health, Longevity, and Life Coaching

For questions and pricing information please fill out the form on our contact page