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Shockwave / Acoustic Wave Therapy in Portland Oregon

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction or “ED”—the inability to develop and maintain an erection firm enough for personal satisfaction or penetration—is common with aging. In fact, 40% of men age 40 and 70% of men age 70 have some form of ED. Unfortunately, even though most experience a transient inability to get or maintain erections, 80% of cases of ED aren’t reported. Hopefully men will feel less embarrassed or uncomfortable discussing sexual issues with their physicians now that celebrities have been featured in ED drug ads, such as Mike Ditka promoting the use of Levitra.

Causes of ED

There are 6 main causes of ED and some men experience more than one cause or contributing factor. These include: blood vessel changes, psychological issues, neurological dysfunction, excessive pornography use, hormonal imbalance, and prescription and non-prescription drugs. It’s useful to understand all possible causes to develop an effective treatment strategy


Men seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction in Portland finally have a drug-free, effective option: Shockwave Therapy and the PRP Injections for penile enhancement.


Call 503-230-7990 and ask to speak with our clinic director Daniel to determine if Shockwave Therapy Therapy or the PRP Injection therapy is your solution for erectile dysfunction and performance issues.